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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Winding up of National Internship Program, Irresponsible decision

The winding up of National Internship Program by Federal Government is not a good decision unlike of those that were essential for better administration and management of Central Government. National Internship Program had some weak aspects, however,  it was more beneficial and helpful for those who were just in the initial stages of their career soon after leaving their institution. It was not just a source of experience, training and a meager amount of earning but it provided confidence, guidance and practical learning that might not be achieved through centuries old text books and  outdated education system.
 Since the establishment National Internship Program it trained about 27000( in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) new comers with at least 5000 every year in different fields with the full support of several private and public sector organization,
Internship is considered an essential assignment for Masters Students connected with technical and managerial fields. The internship report and certificate are considered a guarantee of experience, capability and eligibility for any career.
The irrational decision of Federal Government besides, un employing thousand of students currently working on various internship projects, would create a shortage of experienced professionals among the fresh candidates.
Now the Provincial Government should take meaningful steps to assume the responsibility by establishing an authentic institution that may streamline the experienced and skilled professionals in order to a way to developed Pakistan.

Public Transport Problem in Peshawar

I would like to draw the kind attention of Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other supreme authorities on the ban on public transport on Khyber Road Peshawar. Geographically, Khyber Road is located in the centre of Peshawar city, which connects it with other districts. Everyday, thousand of vehicles transports goods from the big markets to the small town and villages of Peshawar. Millions of people use it to commute from their homes to offices, schools, universities, markets and other workstation, totally depending on public transport that run on this road. Khyber Road used to be fully closed on every session of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly, which caused high traffic jam, difficulties in access to hospitals, public insecurity and public irritation. Was it not enough for Provincial Government to tease general public? That recently, general buses to Warsak road, No 10 vegans and buses to Karkhano and transport to Hayatabad were completely banned or diverted to cant routs just because they were passing on a road that leads to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly and they were assumed to be a problem in high security of Provincial Ministers and MPAs.
I just want to put a question to Provincial Government that is it right to trouble millions of citizens just for the rest of only few politicians? Is it right to endanger the lives of millions of citizens just for the safety of few so called public representatives? However it is not possible for everybody to buy himself a bullet proof car or just a simple car to drop children to schools, universities or to pay high fare of taxi or rickshaw that may or may not be more than his daily earning. How can he be prosper and happy if hi is in trouble just by those whom he elected and hoped to get full security, peace and equality.
I request the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other authorities to lift ban on public transports on Khyber Road, because it’s the only mean of transportation to many school, universities and other workstation.
If it is not possible for Provincial Government (just like corruption, poor law and order etc) than for the betterment of citizen of Peshawar, Provincial Assembly, Cant Area and other sensitive areas should be shifted to a jungle that is  more secure and better place for high security plans of politicians if not than I am sure shifting of sensitive area a least will be a little relief to Students, workers and other citizens that uses Khyber Road public transport  for commuting.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inflation, umemployment and Pakistan

      Besides the petroleum and other commodities, the prices of vegetable are now out of the reach of public too. It has been said that the prices of necessary commodities especially prices of vegetables will be at its original prices after the come round of the disaster of flood, but not a single penny change was observed during last few month. The lower class which was mainly depending on two time meals, is seems loosing it last hope to earn livelihood and then to get necessary things to survive even the middle class is unable to defeat sky touching prices from their limited income resources.
      Recently Pakistan imposed ban on exporting onion to India in response India also took banning decision for exporting tomatoes to Pakistan. In result both the prices of onion and tomatoes increased approximately to Rs 100/kg.But because of some reason India resumed the trade of tomatoes after three days.
Pakistan is an agricultural country and 70% of its population belongs to agriculture sector but despite this it is unable to fulfill the demand of its own citizens and we have to import vegetable, wheat and sugar from other countries. A question arises that being so good in producing vegetables and wheat why we have to import vegetables from other countries and why should we depend upon other countries. Our products and crops are estimated enough for our own use and it is estimated that we would be able to export it to other countries but it reveals insufficient for only one province. Pakistan was producing enough sugar but now it has to import from other countries. A question force to think that where does they go. So the main reason for this scarcity is illegal smuggling of vegetables and wheat to Afghanistan. Daily hundred of trucks of vegetables are smuggled to Afghanistan because they pay good price as compared to Pakistani. So an artificial dearth of commodities is created and public is compelled to purchase things on higher rates.
      I on behalf of millions of poor Pakistani, request the government of Pakistan to take strict action against illegal smuggler and exporter and to fix the rates and quantity of vegetables according to it demand in our country to bring down the prices of necessary commodities and to pay full remuneration to local farmers.

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